The Benefits of a Home Review

For most of us, our home is our greatest asset.

Yet, most homeowners will spend more time and money in preventative maintenance for their vehicles per year than they do on their home.

Just like our vehicles, our homes are made up of electro-mechanical systems all working together to provide us comfort, convenience and security.

What happens when one of those systems (A/C or electrical) fails?

Too many times, we see the resulting damage caused to the home by a failed system is much more expensive than the actual repair itself. So often that damage could have been avoided by regular preventative maintenance.

We at Aero Home Services, have crafted a Preventative Maintenance Program to cover major household systems, HVAC and Electrical

Each visit we will evaluate the condition and efficiency of each system and provide you a detailed report of our findings. In addition, we will perform the following preventative maintenance services.

​​Blow out the A/C drain lines, to help prevent costly overflows and damage to drywall

Check water heater drain line and blow out if necessary to help prevent damage from overflows

Check each electrical outlet and switch for proper function

​​Check each faucet and drain to insure proper operation

​​​Should we find any system that needs attention, we will consult with you as to what might be the best solution.

At Aero Home Services, we have licensed A/C Technicians and Electricians all on staff to address almost any problem that may arise with your household systems.

How much is peace of mind worth to you?

We highly recommend semi-annual preventive maintenance for most household systems. Let us customize a Preventative Maintenance Schedule for you.